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 Roleplay Rules and Mechanics -- Read Before Playing

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Roleplay Rules and Mechanics -- Read Before Playing Empty
PostSubject: Roleplay Rules and Mechanics -- Read Before Playing   Roleplay Rules and Mechanics -- Read Before Playing Icon_minitimeSun Jun 12, 2011 11:49 pm

GTA 4 Role-play "Super Thread"


Role-play Rules......................................I
How the Role-play Works (Mechanics).....II
Role-play Schedule................................III
How Property Works.............................IV
How Jobs Work....................................V
Explanation of Tier Levels......................VI
How Money Works...............................VII
How Skills Work...................................VIII
How Government Works........................IX
How Cops Work....................................X
Who to Contact....................................XI


Role-play Rules (I)

* Don't use skills you don't have or you will be kicked

* No lol-killing (i.e. killing other people "just for the fun of it", it adds nothing to the roleplay, and pisses everyone off. If you have a valid reason to whack someone, feel free, but if you don't have a half-decent reason, you're lol-killing)

* No Revenge Killing (a little different from lol-killing, this is when a player kills another player's character, and the player's new character goes off on a killing vendetta of the other person because they're angry. If you're a new character, then you're a new person).

* Unless you have the heal skill (which is now restricted to doctors, paramedics, etc.), the only ways you may heal yourself when hurt is to either a.) Find a doctor that can escort you to a health pack OR b.) Go to the hospital and use the health pack provided there for free.

* Likewise, the only way you may fix your car is if a certified car mechanic either repairs it for you (either via a health pack or pay n' spray), or is present and gives you permission to either drive over a health pack or use a pay n' spray.

* No benefactors (i.e. no giving $100,000 to another player so that when your character dies, the other player just gives the money to your new character).

* If your character dies (i.e. can't pay medical bills and must make a new character), you are allowed to make only one extra character for that game. If that character dies as well, you will have to leave for the remainder of that night's roleplay. This is not a punishment, this is to help teach players to value their lives and money more.

How the Role-play Works (Mechanics) (II)

* You lose 50% of your tier level income each time you die in the form of a "medical fee". Once you run out of money, your character will die (i.e. you'll need to create a new character) unless you can find someone else to cover your medical bill within 5 minutes of your death. This does not include player executions, which are not reversible. If your character dies for any reason with an active writ of execution out on him/her, you character is gone for good, and you must make a new character.

* You may only have one character at a time

* After each game you may choose a new skill.

* To transfer money to another player, you must call the Banker. If the banker (or a staff member in the banker's absence) is not notified of a transaction, it will not take place.

* Teams in lobby will be capped at 3 players per team. Only exception to this is the light blue team, which is reserved for police officers and is capped at 4 players.

* As afore-stated, light blue team is reserved for cops.

* To learn a skill in-game, you must be taught by a certified instructor (e.g. to learn how to shoot any type of firearm or use Body Armor, you must be taught how to by a Certified Firearm's instructor). In order to learn how to fly a helicopter or drive a car, you must learn from their respective instructors. However, you may pick any new skill (except health) at the conclusion of the game.

* Creating a character involves picking a job, and two skills. Some jobs may require certain skills (e.g. Taxi Driver requires the driving skill). Everyone will start out with $300 regardless of tier level.

Role-play Schedule (III)

Role-play Scheduling is as follows:

Eastern Time Zone: Wednesday @ 7.00PM; Saturdays @ 9:30PM
Central Time Zone: Wednesday @ 6.00PM; Saturdays @ 8:30PM
Mountain Time Zone: Wednesday @ 5.00PM; Saturdays @ 7:30PM
Pacific Time Zone: Wednesday @ 4.00PM; Saturdays @ 6:30PM

UK GMT: Wednesday @ 11.00PM)Thursday); Saturdays @ 1:30AM(Sunday);

How Property Works (IV)

Any player may buy property, be it a business or a house. You DO NOT need to have the "business owner" profession in order to buy businesses. Any player may buy a business
only when a roleplay is NOT in session by filling out a purchase form on the website.
Every game after purchase, a business will generate a fixed amount of revenue. This revenue will continue to generate for as long as the business is yours. Houses do not generate any revenue, but are safe-houses in which police officers may not enter without a search or arrest warrant from either the judge or mayor.

There is no limit to the number of businesses or houses you may own.

There is no limit to the amount of revenue you can make.

For a complete list of buyable properties, click here.

Businesses can be taken over or robbed at any time

Takeover - Taking over a business transfers ownership of the business to the player who successfully seizes it. That player will then start earning that business' revenue at the start of every game. In order to take over a business, you must:

1. Be present at the business, or have somebody else present to seize it. Whomever is seizing the business is known as the lead attacker.

2. Place a call to GLR Buzz 268 or another staff member if Buzz is not present saying that you are taking over "X" business. Buzz will then notify the player that his business is being taken over, at which point, the host will call the player back who initially informed him of the takeover and start a timer.

3. The lead attacker must remain at the business for 5 minutes (10 minutes if the business is valued at >$10,000) without being killed or leaving. If he/she is killed or leaves before the timer hits zero, the business remains in possession of the current owner, and is SAFE for the rest of that game (i.e. no further attacks for the rest of that roleplay may happen on that particular business).

If the lead attacker is still alive when the timer hits zero, the property is transferred to whomever called in the takeover.

Robbing - Robbing a business essentially "robs" the owner of the revenue that that particular business generated for him/her at the start of the game. here's how robbing works:

1. Be present, or have someone else present to rob it. Whomever is robbing it is known as the lead robber.

2. Place a call to GLR Buzz 268 or another staff member if Buzz is not present and inform them that you are robbing "X" business. Buzz will then notify the owner that his business is being robbed (however, the player will not be told by whom the business is being robbed).

3. The lead robber must remain at the business for 5 minutes (always 5 minutes, regardless of value) without being killed or leaving. If the player is killed or leaves before the timer hits zero, the owner does not lose any money, and the business is SAFE for the rest of the game.

If the lead robber is still alive when the timer hits zero, the revenue generated by the business for that game will be transferred to the robber, and the owner will lose it from his/her bank account.

You may also sell a business or property at any time to another player. If you decide to sell a business, the price is between the two parties, however GLR Buzz 268 must be notified if the property changes ownership. You may also sell a property back to the bank at any time for half of it's original value (not the price you paid for it).

How Jobs Work (V)

Jobs essentially are your character's background in Liberty City. By no means are they what you are required to do, they are simply there for the sake of organizing professions, specializations, and giving your character a background. It is encouraged that you play the role of your profession (e.g. drive to and heal people as a paramedic), however it is not required.

For a complete list of available professions, click here.

Some jobs are only available as "Special Jobs". These jobs are positions in which players must be appointed through special means (usually by the mayor, in exception of staff jobs). Typically, these jobs will bring home a bigger pay check, but they usually have more responsibilities.

Here's a brief explanation of special jobs (mayor job will be explained in greater depth below):

The Cop - You have all your skills unlocked automatically and must keep the peace with a below average money salary. The Cop is not a regular cop like the rest, they have the gun and badge, but no uniform. They can arrest people, take bribes, or anything else a regular cop would do. They can even freeze bank accounts. They also need a location to take people they arrest, like a secluded building they can keep people in. Cops are limited to 4 at any time, and are appointed on a first come first serve basis.

Journalist - Uncover the truth behind the city and it's people, you will have a section on the forums to post your stories and expose anything you find. A player must be appointed by an Admin to have this job. Decent typing and grammar skills are required.

Judge - As the Judge you have to rule on cases of civil and criminal disputes. A thorough understanding of how the legal system works is required in order to get this job. Must be appointed by mayor.

Explanation of Tier Levels (VI)

Tier levels are the amount of money that a player makes every game from the profession. It is added at the start of every new game.

Tier 0 - $0
Tier 1 - $250
Tier 2 - $750
Tier 3 - $1250
Tier 4 - $2000

Another thing that is important to note: If you have a job that has a tier level of 0, your medical bill will be $100 every time your character is sent to the hospital. Every new character will start out with $300 regardless of job or tier level.

Also, players are allowed to switch jobs at any time.

How Money Works (VII)

Money works the same in roleplay as it does in real-life. Essentially, you can use it to barter for either goods or services, you can pay people off, loan money, buy businesses or houses, etc.

You get paid before each game depending on your job, Some jobs don't get paid (e.g. civilian) Other jobs also require you to do actions in-game (such as sell items to players, services, etc.)

Any Money transactions have to be communicated to the banker. If the banker (or a staff member, in the banker's absence) is not notified of a transaction, it will not take place.

How Skills Work (VIII)

Skills essentially are the mechanic that allow you to perform a particular action in the roleplay. For example, having the driving skill allows you to drive cars. In this case, driving a car without the driving skill would be breaking our golden rule:

"Don't use skills you don't have or you will be kicked"

A player may only teach one skill per game, but is allowed to learn as many as he/she wants. If one wants to learn a lot of skills, he/she will just have to learn from a lot of different players.

Staff is always checking for cheaters, and they are dealt with on a case to case basis. Typically, a player will get a warning before being kicked, because we understand that you may forget from time to time, and it may be accidental.

Players are allowed to pick a new skill at the end of every roleplay (but are not required to), as long as they were present for at least 30 minutes (so as to prevent people from joining in for their skill, and leaving 5 minutes later to play CoD). This is for the sake of fairness to the other players.

Here is the list of skills:

Assault Rifles
Sniper Rifles
Body Armor
Map (Turns off Blips Only to Regular radar)
Heal You/People (Be allowed to get health packs)

How the Government Works (IX)

Government is handled by the staff; all city-specific changes will be made via staff decision based on what is felt needed changed. Any news will be either posted on these forums or announced in the game lobby.

How Cops Work (X)

Cops enforce the laws, and have all of their skills automatically unlocked. They also have the power to freeze players' bank accounts, issue fines, arrest, and detain people.

Here's how fining works:

A cop at any given time is allowed to fine a player up to 20% of their total bank balance WITHOUT CONSENT. The player must be notified, but cannot decline the fine. Anything above 20% requires player consent, and the player has the option to refuse. At which point, the police officer's choice of action will be at their discretion. Arrest or detainment might then ensue.

The cop however may only fine on a per-offense basis (i.e. no fining people 3 times consecutively for a single offense), and within the guideline that the fine is not excessive.

*Note: UP TO 20% does NOT mean always 20%.

Here's how frozen bank accounts work:

A frozen account essentially means that no money can go in nor out of an account. That also includes for medical expenses. If you die while your bank account is frozen, your character will permanently die off (and you'll need to make a new one) unless a judge intervenes within 5 minutes of the death. The person issuing the "frozen bank accounts" warrant must immediately notify the player that his/her bank accounts are frozen. If the player dies at all without having knowledge a frozen bank account, money will be deducted as if the accounts had not been frozen, but the account will be frozen from then onward.

A cop is allowed to freeze a bank account as are judges. However, the judge may overturn a cop's decision.

ALSO: If a police officer punches someone, and announces that they are under arrest, they are considered to be hand-cuffed. This means that the player IS NOT ALLOWED to run, pull a gun, physically fight back, etc. The player is subordinate to the police officer until either a police officer releases them, or a judge releases them. If the player attempts to run or fight back, it will carry the same consequences as if they had broken a rule.

LIKEWISE: Cops must abide by the law. Cops may not take bribes, arrest without probable cause, or otherwise abuse their power in any way. Fines and arrests must be made in accordance with the criminal infraction committed. Power abusers will be fired. No "rule-breaking" consequences, but they will be forced to pick another job, and will be stripped of police status.

WHO TO CONTACT...............................XI

GLR Shooter 977............................Admin; General supervision
WolfBattleCry................................Admin; General Supervision
GAMER1231...................................Moderator, General supervision
Rocketsnap....................................Banker; Keeps track of bank accounts
MrMackeyMKayyy...........................Keeps track of Deaths and other money losses; if you die by lag or have a complaint about your death, call him
GLR Buzz 268.................................Moderator; Real Estate; If you are taking over/robbing a business, or want to know what you own or who owns a certain business, call him.

Most importantly: HAVE FUN !


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Roleplay Rules and Mechanics -- Read Before Playing Empty
PostSubject: Re: Roleplay Rules and Mechanics -- Read Before Playing   Roleplay Rules and Mechanics -- Read Before Playing Icon_minitimeSun Jun 19, 2011 4:05 pm

Post updated. Everyone please reread.

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Roleplay Rules and Mechanics -- Read Before Playing Empty
PostSubject: Re: Roleplay Rules and Mechanics -- Read Before Playing   Roleplay Rules and Mechanics -- Read Before Playing Icon_minitimeThu Jun 23, 2011 9:32 pm

Updated and Cleaned.

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Roleplay Rules and Mechanics -- Read Before Playing Empty
PostSubject: Re: Roleplay Rules and Mechanics -- Read Before Playing   Roleplay Rules and Mechanics -- Read Before Playing Icon_minitime

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Roleplay Rules and Mechanics -- Read Before Playing
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